10 Things I wish I bought in the LuLaRoe Que



I’ve been a LuLaRoe consultant for almost 3 months! (Join my VIP group here) It has been such an exciting whirlwind! If you haven’t heard about LuLaRoe yet thats a post for another day but the cliff-notes version is I sell cute and comfortable clothes. While waiting for my on-boarding call I tried to prepare the best I could by purchasing items and researching best business practices. Here is a list of the tens things I wish I would of invested in . . .


  1. The Go Giver – this is such an amazing book it’s a no wonder it’s a best seller. It’s a great business parable and worth the read. gogiver
  2. Skirt Hangers – I bought regular hangers and non slip hangers but wish I had some skirt hangers, specially for my Maxi skirts. skirt-hangers
  3. Shopping Bags – I like local sales just as much as my online live ones. During my initial launch party I didn’t have any shopping bags because they were out of stock with LuLaRoe. So last minute pinch I put purchases in a brown lunch bag LOL. shopping-bag
  4. Mailing Envelopes – There are many different sizes, colors and prints of poly mailer envelopes. I like buying the 10″ by 13″ sizes in bulk. I’ve shipped hundreds of garments already and these bags are amazing! shippingenvelope
  5. Thermal Shipping Labeler – I know Dymo is a pretty penny but will be worth the savings in ink for ink jet printers. Will also save a lot of time too. dymo4xl
  6. Lighting Kit – Many times I’m photographing clothes at night time after my kids go to bed. A lighting kit helps give my online customers an accurate display of the clothes they are looking to buy. I took some pretty dark and sad looking pictures. It gets better with time, practice and of course a lighting kit. lightingkit
  7. Sizing Dividers – having sizing dividers helps me know what sizes and styles I need to order more of. It also helps my local customers look for their sizes easily. sizingdividers
  8. Phone Holder – I use something to hold my phone steady during live sales makes it easy for my customers to see me and the clothes and easy for me to read comments during the live video. 4174uwydkhl
  9.  Number Tags –  giving each garment a number associated with it helps my customers and myself easily know which item they want to purchase during a live sale. numbertag
  10. Tagging Gun – sometimes a customer comes into your home tries on an outfit and accidentally pulls the tag out. Or sometimes your kids get curious and pulls a tag as well. This is a life saver to put it back in place. tagging-gun

There are other items I would recommend getting but these are the top ten I wish I ordered sooner and learned some lessons the hard way. Hope it helps anyone who is a quebie or curious to become a consultant. I’m also finally finding my groove with time management and will be blogging and doing videos on the things going on in my life like LuLaRoe, Lillebaby and being a special needs parent.


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