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I got to thinking about what kind of mom I am. I know I’m a good mom, deep down I know that, but what kind of mom am I beyond that? I feel like I could argue a majority of mom’s are “good” moms [and trust me I don’t say that lightly. I work with low income families and children about 50 hours a week and most of the children I work with have behavioral issues do to the trauma of being removed from their mothers, but I digress…]  Of course being a women means inevitably I succumb to comparing myself to other women and mothers or judging other women so I started off by listing what kind of mom I am not.

– I’m not that mom that can create character themed gourmet farm to brown bag lunches.

– I’m not the kind of mom that creates Pinterest worthy parties.

– I’m not the kind of mom that arrange a bunch of play dates.

Then I realized that was pretty harsh on myself and decided to focus on the things that make me better than just a good mom.

– I am the kind of mom that works a stressful full time job to help support our family dream of getting out of debt and changing our family tree.

– I am the kind of mom that makes cookie dough with my daughter and watches Gilmore Girls or Barbie.

– I am the kind of mom that breaks into spontaneous dance parties with her kids to avoid a pending tantrum.

– I am the kind of mom that takes her children on date nights.

I’m an epic mom. I am a mom that reserves the right to make mistakes and learn from them, and of course I couldn’t be that kind of mom with our a lot of support. Support from my amazing husband, support from my own mother and other family members, support from my army village of friends. It’s time we stop apologizing for what mom we are not and embrace the mom we are. So I ask you, what kind of mom are you?

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  1. Whitney says:

    I am a mom who takes time to teach her kids the scriptures and a love of reading and how to read music and play the piano. So, I struggle to evenly distribute that teaching to all three kids evenly and worry my poor middle child isn’t getting half the attention he deserves, but it am also the mom who doesn’t give up and keeps trying to seek that balance, I am a mom that tries to have a fruit or vegetable with every meal. It isn’t organic produce, and the pieces that fall on the floor might not get swept or mopped up for days, but that is besides the point!

    I am also a mom that is proud to have you for a sister! You are an awesome mom and I appreciate your perspective! Love you!

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