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Are you guys ready for the first Oh So DAD review?

Here. We. Go.

Once on the Necktie Emporium website I found it very easy to browse through the hundreds of ties featured. The site has a great array of ties which include zipper ties for adults and children, matching ties for dads and sons and extra long ties (which is a personal favorite since I’m 6’4″). The hardest part of the transaction was choosing my favorite tie. I chose the Men’s Silk White Box Pattern Tie. The tie that arrived in the mail matched the tie featured in the picture which is great as sometimes the actual product you get hardly resembles the picture. Upon opening the package I was able to refer to the tutorial page on the Necktie Emporium website to tie the perfect knot. I know that I am styling every time that I put on this tie, whether it is to be worn at church or work. This tie design is versatile enough to be paired with neutral tones (blacks, whites, grays, browns) or bright colors alike. I will be making my future necktie purchases through the Necktie Emporium website.

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    Tell Oh So Dad he did a great job on his review! 🙂

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