Spray Pal Giveaway Day 9

Today I am co-hosting day 9 of #miniSPbdaybash!

Spray Pals are an amazing addition to any cloth diapering family Check them out here.



The prizes are:

$50 gift card to Funky Fluff
A Penguin Sleep Sack from Wee Urban
Cloth wipes and solution bundle from Green + Lovely

This giveaway is open to US and Canada, and you can still go back and grab daily entries for all of the previous giveaways to increase your chances of winning!  Good luck, everyone!


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I’m not that mom . . .



I got to thinking about what kind of mom I am. I know I’m a good mom, deep down I know that, but what kind of mom am I beyond that? I feel like I could argue a majority of mom’s are “good” moms [and trust me I don’t say that lightly. I work with low income families and children about 50 hours a week and most of the children I work with have behavioral issues do to the trauma of being removed from their mothers, but I digress…]  Of course being a women means inevitably I succumb to comparing myself to other women and mothers or judging other women so I started off by listing what kind of mom I am not.

– I’m not that mom that can create character themed gourmet farm to brown bag lunches.

– I’m not the kind of mom that creates Pinterest worthy parties.

– I’m not the kind of mom that arrange a bunch of play dates.

Then I realized that was pretty harsh on myself and decided to focus on the things that make me better than just a good mom.

– I am the kind of mom that works a stressful full time job to help support our family dream of getting out of debt and changing our family tree.

– I am the kind of mom that makes cookie dough with my daughter and watches Gilmore Girls or Barbie.

– I am the kind of mom that breaks into spontaneous dance parties with her kids to avoid a pending tantrum.

– I am the kind of mom that takes her children on date nights.

I’m an epic mom. I am a mom that reserves the right to make mistakes and learn from them, and of course I couldn’t be that kind of mom with our a lot of support. Support from my amazing husband, support from my own mother and other family members, support from my army village of friends. It’s time we stop apologizing for what mom we are not and embrace the mom we are. So I ask you, what kind of mom are you?

7 Years of Marriage



I still cannot believe I’m an old married lady. I’ve been married to the greatest guy for the last 7 years. That’s . . .

7 years of marriage

6 jobs

5 years of college (GO Sun Devils!)

4 children (Peter, Macie, Evolette, Dempsey)

3 births (Twins, Evie, Dempsey)

2 deaths (Peter and Macie)

1 home

We got talking about our favorite and challenging times together.

Favorites: going to school together, spending late night talking, kissing and playing card games in our first apartment, finding out we were pregnant, buying our home, and watching our kids grow and develop their personalities.

Challenges: Getting diagnosed with PCOS, troubles getting pregnant and losing the twins, Chris accepting I don’t do dishes, and now both of us working outside the home and starting our side businesses.

I seriously couldn’t think of a single person in the world I would want to be my partner in crime and my pillar of support. Here’s to our happily ever after. I love you babe!

LilleBaby Doll Carrier Review and Giveaway

LilleBaby Doll Carrier Review and Giveaway


So my daughter has been loving the new doll carrier from Lillebaby, she even insisted on bringing it to day care today. She helped me put together this fun video review.

OK Now my turn to share my thoughts.

I love the price point, for 29 dollars my daughter gets to wear her babies and stuffed animals everywhere. It really helps her imaginative play and I love seeing her role model the sweet nurturing affects baby wearing can have. I’d also like to note that this isn’t just a girly play house kind of thing my son loves to steal this and copy his daddy who wears him and his sister. I’ve seen him try to smuggle Elmo, Pooh Bear and some cars when it’s his turn to play with it. There are 4 color options (which can be found here), the pink/purple featured in the photos and video above, a green pattern, a neutral grey and a grey and black mesh carrier which is handy during the scorching months of the Phoenix summers. If you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild or friend’s child that you are stumped on what to get them for Christmas or their birthday this carrier will be a big hit without a doubt!

GIVEAWAY!!! (Open to US)

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Good Luck!


Necktie Emporium Review




Are you guys ready for the first Oh So DAD review?

Here. We. Go.

Once on the Necktie Emporium website I found it very easy to browse through the hundreds of ties featured. The site has a great array of ties which include zipper ties for adults and children, matching ties for dads and sons and extra long ties (which is a personal favorite since I’m 6’4″). The hardest part of the transaction was choosing my favorite tie. I chose the Men’s Silk White Box Pattern Tie. The tie that arrived in the mail matched the tie featured in the picture which is great as sometimes the actual product you get hardly resembles the picture. Upon opening the package I was able to refer to the tutorial page on the Necktie Emporium website to tie the perfect knot. I know that I am styling every time that I put on this tie, whether it is to be worn at church or work. This tie design is versatile enough to be paired with neutral tones (blacks, whites, grays, browns) or bright colors alike. I will be making my future necktie purchases through the Necktie Emporium website.

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Guest Post: Written by Kathryn Matkin


First of all, thanks everyone for jumping over here to read my very first blog post!  It’s so exciting for me to hit the ground running, thanks to my dear friend and fellow KATIE! (It’s such a great name!)
#firstblogpost #ohsomom


Now, to get winning! Let’s start with RAFFLECOPTER:


1) Open your internet browser and Google “rafflecopter giveaways” You won’t have to install or download anything.  You just have to find a prize you are interested in and a giveaway that’s open.


2) Follow your favorite blogs on bloglovin!  Bloglovin sends me daily emails and I click on the links to giveaways I would like to enter for that day.  Follow ohsomom while you are there!


3) Start up a twitter account!  Okay, okay, I must admit, I was super reluctant to do this!  I was like #anti-tweet!  But now that I have one, I love it!  It gives me so many more entries into contests I probably wouldn’t win otherwise.  And searching with #giveaways always finds prizes I’d love to win.


4) “Like” pages via Facebook and the rafflecopter widget. You would be surprised how many brands and blogs do Facebook Only giveaways that just want you to like, comment, tag a friend or share. So Easy!


5) Follow bloggers and companies on Instagram! Like above there are also Istagram Only giveaways where you can like, comment, tag a friend or repost an image with their desired hash tag.


6) Be wary and cautious of scams! Don’t give someone your email address or other information unless you’re sure the source is safe.  Also be warned that Facebook can limit and stop your “likes”, as well as twitter limits your followers and tweets.


7) You may also create a separate email address just for giveaways so you won’t feel bombarded with marketing emails. Usually, I use my hotmail account for giveaways and other fun emails such as family & friends and use my gmail account for business only.


Between Katie and I we have won a various amount of prizes from  . . .
  • Cloth Diapers
  • DVDs
  • Gift Cards/Certificates
  • Baby Gear
  • Handmade Home Decor
  • Staycation
  • Clothing


It’s also important to check your junk mail folders periodically since I have seen some congratulatory emails end up in there.


If and when you win it’s always nice to give the company or blog a little plug or thank you on one of the social media platforms.




October is a special month in our house. October 8th marks 5 years since we said hello and goodbye to our sweet twins Peter and Macie.  I have never felt so proud and terrified all at the same time. October 15th is the official Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day where remembrance walks and lighting of candles are are simple gestures to honor the tiny but important lives that have touched so many families.


Return to Zero: If you haven’t seen this film yet it is beautiful. Thank you to the Hanish family for sharing this story and breaking the silence on pregnancy and infant loss. It also has a stellar cast!

Oh Soy Memorable Candles: I created the Angel Memory Candle to help me in the grieving process after losing the twins. I also broke into making candles for fun and to de-stress from a hard work day.

There will be two winners, one for each prize! Open to U.S. citizens!

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Also . . . If you want to read my post after I first saw Return to Zero and you can read that here.

Exciting News!

I feel uber honored to be working with the amazing company Lillebaby as one of their brand ambassadors! I’ve already been a big fan and promoter of their carriers and I’m so excited to try out their new products over the coming months and give you guys the scoop.




Have a great weekend!

How To Hand Wash



I can’t tell you how many of my favorite blouses are “hand wash only” and I learned that if they put it on the tag it’s for some reason. Rest in peace beautiful chiffon top that I wore only twice! I actually feel dumb now because hand washing takes about the same time and effort I put into doing a regular load of laundry. So here are the steps:

1. Clean out your sink, tub or bucket

2. Fill with luke warm or cold water

3. Add (about 1/6th to 1/8th of a normal loads worth) of mild detergent (I use Charlie’s or ECOS)

4. Add clothes and spend about 1 minute kneading each article

5. Rinse until suds free (You can use sink faucet, shower head or diaper sprayer)

6. Roll up garment in a towel to help wring out excess water

7. Lay flat to dry (or in my case hang because I don’t have the space)


8. Now go fold the 4 other baskets of laundry while binge watching something on Netflix


Don’t wring, twist or pull too hard they are delicates


Fails of a Newly Working Mom

Noticed a lack of blogging lately? Yeah sorry : ( Between surgery on both my kidneys 6 weeks apart from each other and both my kiddos discovered to have some immunity problems AND starting a new full time position I’ve been a little occupied. Now that I’m starting to find my center again and blogging is helpful for when I get stressed I thought you would all enjoy a light hearted post that other moms (working or not) could relate to.



When you forgot the diapers or wipes:



When you have no clue what’s for dinner, again:



When your child first says “I hate you!”



When you ask your boss a question for a second third time:



When your husband is the only one who can hear your alarm:



That cringe you get when the day care/nanny calls/texts:



When you call your co-worker your spouse’s/child’s name:


When you’ve gotten take out food two nights in a row:


When you realize you wont be home before the kids go to bed:


When your child discovers they can take off their diaper and use its contents as an art media:



When you fall asleep in your child’s bed instead of them:



When you end a professional call with “Love ya bye!”:



When you realize how much of your pay check gets deducted:



When your child says Mama the first time and it’s not to you:


Using the stairs is a great form of exercise . . . and embarrassment:


 . . . and yes I have done all of these :0

So . . . What’s one of your mom fails?