Guest Post: Written by Kathryn Matkin


First of all, thanks everyone for jumping over here to read my very first blog post!  It’s so exciting for me to hit the ground running, thanks to my dear friend and fellow KATIE! (It’s such a great name!)
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Now, to get winning! Let’s start with RAFFLECOPTER:


1) Open your internet browser and Google “rafflecopter giveaways” You won’t have to install or download anything.  You just have to find a prize you are interested in and a giveaway that’s open.


2) Follow your favorite blogs on bloglovin!  Bloglovin sends me daily emails and I click on the links to giveaways I would like to enter for that day.  Follow ohsomom while you are there!


3) Start up a twitter account!  Okay, okay, I must admit, I was super reluctant to do this!  I was like #anti-tweet!  But now that I have one, I love it!  It gives me so many more entries into contests I probably wouldn’t win otherwise.  And searching with #giveaways always finds prizes I’d love to win.


4) “Like” pages via Facebook and the rafflecopter widget. You would be surprised how many brands and blogs do Facebook Only giveaways that just want you to like, comment, tag a friend or share. So Easy!


5) Follow bloggers and companies on Instagram! Like above there are also Istagram Only giveaways where you can like, comment, tag a friend or repost an image with their desired hash tag.


6) Be wary and cautious of scams! Don’t give someone your email address or other information unless you’re sure the source is safe.  Also be warned that Facebook can limit and stop your “likes”, as well as twitter limits your followers and tweets.


7) You may also create a separate email address just for giveaways so you won’t feel bombarded with marketing emails. Usually, I use my hotmail account for giveaways and other fun emails such as family & friends and use my gmail account for business only.


Between Katie and I we have won a various amount of prizes from  . . .
  • Cloth Diapers
  • DVDs
  • Gift Cards/Certificates
  • Baby Gear
  • Handmade Home Decor
  • Staycation
  • Clothing


It’s also important to check your junk mail folders periodically since I have seen some congratulatory emails end up in there.


If and when you win it’s always nice to give the company or blog a little plug or thank you on one of the social media platforms.



  1. Sophia L. says:

    Outlook lets you make “rules” which basically help you sort the email you receive. I for example have rules that will move any email I get that contain “you won” or “winner” in the subject, and moves that email to a certain folder. This really helps and I highly recommend it 😉 Not just for giveaways, but for everything else too 😉

  2. Christina says:

    Great tips! There is so much free stuff out there to be won! I love hosting giveaways, it feels nice to give back to people who’ve taken a moment to read my stuff on my little corner of the web.

  3. Mary T. Narvasa says:

    I’ve never won giveaways, this is why I’m so reluctant to join. I remember winning one, but the prize that was sent to me was damaged, and shipping it back was too costly, that I decided to forget about it instead! Thanks for these tips! They are very helpful. 🙂

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