Vija Designs Prema Wrap Review


Prema Wrap Review

*I received this product in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and honest.


After thoughts and reflections not included in the video demonstration and review.
  • This would make an extremely thoughtful gift for anyone who has a child in the NICU. Some times you might be able to expect or anticipate a NICU stay and other times your whole world shifts and you are left scrambling to adjust. A gift like this is literally giving your loved ones a hug and comforting them during a time of stress and worry.
  • Vija Designs has come up with a collection of different kangaroo care garments that meet various needs, including menswear and tops that work with twins! Please take a look at them all here.
  • There are different price points and levels that make it feasible for all to do kangaroo care and skin to skin time with their preemies and newborns.
  • Most baby carriers on the market require the infant to weigh at least seven pound before use. The Prema Wrap is a great way to wear your baby that has not yet met this requirement. Many preemies might take weeks or months before hitting that milestone.
  • You are able to breastfeed in this but I did not have much experience with this in the NICU because he was on the feeding tube a majority of the time but I was able to do non-nutritive nursing multiple times.
  • The Prema Wrap is more like an undergarment than an actual shirt, like some of their other products, which is great in the NICU because there are no seams on the baby. This style can also be a good option for mothers recovering from a cesarean section.
  • The center fabric is a soft polyester micro-fleece and the side fabrics are a cotton jersey. This means it is comfortable, light weight, and easy to wash.
Thank you Milk and Baby for quickly sending me the Prema Wrap in my desperate time of need. Your kindness and compassion is just a reflection of what great customer service and culture you have in your company.



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